That’s What She Said, Technical Writing Edition

That’s What She Said, Technical Writing Edition 

Every quote below comes directly from technical documentation that I’ve worked on in recent weeks, and each has caused me near-physical pain when I realized there was no husband nearby to torment with my “That’s what she said” victory yawp. 

So I’m sharing them here, because they each deserve a special moment in the sun. Enjoy.

  1. Carefully but quickly screw into place.
  2. Be sure all nuts are secure.
  3. Quickly pull the plunger out of the opening.
  4. Do not pipette by mouth.
  5. Visually inspect for leaks.
  6. Carefully wrap the end of the probe with the plastic provided.
  7. Air will blow out of the rear fans.
  8. Be sure it is properly primed before injecting.
  9. Carefully inspect the rack before mounting.
  10. Place the sheath below the opening and insert in an upward direction.
  11. Moisten the swab before agitating.
  12. Wipe the surface with the moistened swab back and forth a few times.
  13. Wipe the delicate items with a moistened swab; leave others to air dry.
  14. The sheath must be protected at all times.
  15. Slowly probe the bottom opening.
  16. Rinse the probe from the larger end to the narrow end.
  17. The instrument should vibrate vigorously when powered on.
  18. If frothing occurs at the opening, stop immediately.
  19. If the screw does not go in as far as it did before, reposition and try again.
  20. Grab the base and gently pull down on it until it is fully seated.


(Ah, I feel so much better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest.)


Happy Friday, y’all. 

Love, Beej


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