Humor Writing

I’m funny.  And I like to write things that are funny.  My humor blog, The Bean, used to be housed here before it got too big for its britches and moved to its own site. (Before you click over make sure you can handle adult themes and crude language — because over there, I’m known for both.)

The Bean has been featured on sites like, iVillage,, The Worthington Wire, Five Star Fridays and Blogtations, among others. And it’s been nominated for several online blog awards, including the HotBlogger Awards and Divine Caroline.

I’ve also written a humor column for, a web site for women in comedy… and I was a featured speaker at the 2011 Listen To Your Mother event, where I read two short, humorous poems about motherhood.

On the book front, Adoro Publishing featured a humor piece of mine in their 2012 anthology My Funny Valentine: America’s Funniest Writers Take On Love, Romance, and Other Complications.  I also published my own silly little book of poetry, Something Smells Like Pee (and Other Classy Observations) in February of 2014. Still in the works: a children’s book called The Minute, and a devastatingly brilliant (but as yet unnamed) comic novel.

Stay tuned. I’m just getting warmed up!