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Funny Not Slutty

A couple of months ago I was asked to write a press release announcing Funny Not Slutty’s newly redesigned web site. The site was created by and for women in comedy; I’ve written a semi-regular column for them since 2009. Super proud to be associated with the group, and I was glad to help when they needed a press release to promote the launch of their new look.

Also, here’s a look at past columns I’ve written for the site. This is pure comedy, folks — obnoxious and potty-mouthed, so be warned!

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Women, Divorce and Dollar Signs

I wrote this piece as an audition of sorts, for a group of financial advisors looking to position themselves as experts in the field of sudden wealth. They were interested in capturing a more female-centric audience, so I wrote this on spec and targeted it to a female audience. I’m not sure they’ll use it (if they do, it sounds like they’ll want heavy revisions), but I like this draft version a lot and wanted to share it, before it goes through the collaborative editing process.