What I Do

For more years than I love to admit, I’ve been putting words together to sell, convince, plead, cajole, manipulate, rave, rant, teach, inform, and entertain.

In my professional life I’ve:

  • written sharp, compelling copy for digital and print
  • produced effective case studies and white papers
  • collaborated with software developers on UX interface language
  • conceptualized game narratives and names
  • written and implemented company content style guides
  • collaborated on speeches and web video scripts
  • published technical manuals and online help
  • coached authors through the creative writing process
  • written countless social media status updates, and…
  • …lots and lots (and lots) more.

I’ve worked with billion-dollar corporations, small local businesses, SEO companies, educational institutions, high tech behemoths, design firms, online retailers, state agencies, scientists, engineering firms, doctors, actors, artists…just to name a few. My writing has been showcased on HuffPost, Austin.com, CultureMap: Austin, iVillage, BlogHer, FunnyNotSlutty, and more—and I was featured in the national Listen To Your Mother event (which I later went on to produce).

At any given moment I could be writing a humor column, blog post, marketing blurb, or boilerplate email content. (My Google search history is bananas.) But whatever it is that I’m working on right now, you can rest assured that I’m loving it.

Samples, résumé and rates are all yours if you want ’em—all you have to do is ask.