UX Content Strategy

UX content is the perfect union of technical writing, copy writing, creative writing, and content strategy. It takes all the best bits from each of those fields and mashes them up together.

It forces us to look at content in terms of the user who’s engaging with it. And that’s a very good (and fun!) thing to do.

If you do it right, the end result is content that’s friendly, concise, and helpful. It’s a conversation that your users (1) enjoy and (2) get something out of.

I’ve been doing UX writing for three years now, though I’d really been doing it long before that without knowing it. My experience in all of those other fields has come in very handy, but the one skill that truly makes me a great UX writer isn’t one I was trained to learn–it’s one I was born with.


I feel the emotions of my users, and I channel those feelings into my content. I spend a lot of time thinking about who users are, their goals, journeys, pain points, and definitions of success.

I also spend a lot of time thinking about rules, process, and the guidance that writers might need to create all of this content. How can I make it easier for them? What training do they need or want? What needs to be consistent, and what can be changed? What rules are made to be broken?

It’s an enormously fun job for a content geek like me. And I’m always happy to chat about it.

So feel free to hit me up anytime, if you’re interested in UX and don’t mind me talking your ear off. 🙂