Copywriting and Editing

Web copy. Marketing copy. Social media updates. Boilerplates. All stuff you need done well to reach the right people, but you don’t have the time/talent/inclination to do it right.

So don’t.

With just a little direction, I can create copy to grab and hold your reader’s attention—whether you’re looking for language that’s lean and mean, smart and sassy, crisp and instructive, or just done-by-someone-else-so-you-don’t-have-to.

Hire me for 100% original content that’s well-written, grammatically correct, and exactly to your specifications. Or, just hand over the copy you’ve already written and let me make it letter-perfect.

So. What do you need?

  • Marketing and ad copy
  • Web content writing and rewrites
  • Social media, blog posts, articles
  • Press releases, business profiles, biographies
  • Manuscript and general editing
  • Canned emails and customer correspondence
  • A new BFF

Whatever it is—I’ve got you, boo.