Copywriting and Editing

Web copy. Marketing copy. Social media updates. Boilerplates. All stuff you need done well to reach the right people, but you don’t have the time, talent, or patience to do it right.

So don’t.

With just a little direction, I can create copy to grab and hold your reader’s attention—whether you’re looking for language that’s lean and mean, smart and sassy, crisp and instructive, or just done-by-someone-else-so-you-don’t-have-to.

Hire me for 100% original content that’s engaging, well-written, and exactly to your specifications. Or just hand over the copy you’ve already written, and let me make it letter-perfect.

So. What do you need?

  • Marketing and ad copy
  • Web content writing and rewrites
  • Social media, blog posts, articles
  • Press releases, business profiles, biographies
  • Manuscript and general editing
  • Canned emails and customer correspondence
  • A new BFF

Whatever it is—I’ve got you, boo. So reach out now and let’s get started.